Friday, November 11, 2016

The ultimate reason why Trump wins

Imaging you are a 40 years' old truck driver living in Illinois.

You have a wonderful family and two beautiful kids.

You loan a nice truck. Before Obama 2008, you can earn $9000 each month by shipping beers back and force between Chicago and New York.

You income can afford you to travel abroad each year with your family.

If you are willing to drive during Christmas you can earn much much more than that.

But... things changed.....

Since 2008, immigrates flood in.

They are rich, they purchase their own trucks on day one, BUT you owe a large loan to bank.
They are working day and night. Even during Christmas? Oh come on, not a big deal, they have never heard of Christmas before entering US!!

You income is decreasing...

Phone calls to you requesting shipping become less and less, but you can not just leave your truck home doing nothing, you have LOANs to pay! Your children needs education!

You work more hours each day, drive more and more careful, call every one you know for new shipping.

You income is still decreasing...

You used to refuse to ship rubbishes as they make your truck smelly. But now you do not care that. Come on, the more the better!

But you income is still decreasing...

You start to drive during Veteran day, Thanksgiving, Christmas... whatever who cares.

You income is still decreasing!!

"Fine, fine. Let me sell the truck and find another job, " you think. But where are those jobs? Shipping rubbish during Christmas seems to be the highest salary jobs you can do, but even that cannot help you to afford your family.

Try a computer science job in CA?  No joking, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for a 40 years old truck driver without college degree.

Re-attending college? Sorry, minorities are preferred.

You understand, world is reshaping by technical, industrial upgrade is inevitable, drivers will definitely replaced by self-driving cars in the near future any way...

"But, please, please do give me some help when that change proceeds. I have two kids to bring up!", you shout in your heart..

Whose fault is this? No one's fault, but government should at least focusing on helping us, instead of GLOBAL WARMING

You can only

You do this not because you like Trump, but because

Damn globalization, who cares. I want AMERICAN DREAM!

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